About Me



An introduction

My name is Christy, but my friends call me Crust. As in pizza or pie crust. (Not the most attractive nickname, but who doesn’t love a loud, crispy crunchy crust, am I right?) I have an obsession with dark chocolate and anything covered in crispy stuff. Like bread crumbs. Okay, I might know why my friends call my Crust. 

After I started cooking in my little college apartment, I fell wildly in love with food. 

Other obsessions include:
  • Pugs (the single most adorable creatures, ever.)
  • Totoro (a close second)
  • A freshly baked loaf of bread 

I was born in California and raised in Singapore. See that luscious greenery in the picture of me? That is the beautiful greenery I grew up with. Singapore is such an amazing place that I never fully appreciated till I moved away. After graduating college, I’ve decided to move in San Francisco, where my love of gorging on avocado toast can be quenched.

What is this blog about?

That is a question I ask myself pretty regularly. This is, essentially, an experiment and a journey, from which I wish to discover my interests. To have a project to call my own and be proud of. 

I’ve delayed creating a blog for so long. I was too afraid, too overwhelmed to start. But upon discovering my passion for food, I had something to ground my blog on. 

Ever since I fell into the deep, dark passion of cooking, I have found a beautifully nuanced food community that I have a great appreciation for. I am known as the “foodie” among my friends, but my love for food encompasses much more: I wanted to know the complexities of the humble egg, to temper chocolate, to discovered the intricacies of chemical stabilizers used in molecular gastronomy. Needless to say, Harold McGee is my hero.

Thanks for reading! Please enjoy and comment =) 

Contact me at christyluong71@gmail.com. It would be absolutely lovely to get to know you and talk endlessly about food!


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