Hello World! (aka “The First Post” =O)

What’s with the blog name?

One day, I will own a pug. A pug named Bruce. (This guy beat me to the name, but whatever.) He will be the most perfect and adorably round, scrunchy-faced pug to have every walked the earth. But for now, I shall have to content myself with daydreams and reblogged pictures of pugs on Tumblr. Oh, and this blog I guess. For I have decided to start a blog! Yup! 

SO ADORABLE. How can you not love that face?!

SO ADORABLE. How can you not love that face?!

Without further ado: The Long-Awaited First Post.

Like many things in my life, I have been putting off starting a blog. The genius idea came to me as a junior in college. The first roadblock was thinking of the perfect blog name. Then, it was deciding on the content. Insecurities started popping up after a while, too. I starting having this sense of anxiety where my every word will be scrutinized and criticized by whoever reads it. Or the opposite: that no one will read it, ever.

And now, well into my last year-no, last semester-in college, I have finally decided to start blogging. Yup. When I should be hard at work finishing up my last semester, job hunting, and generally figuring out what I want to do with my life post-college, I instead decide to take it upon myself the all-consuming task of blogging.

What’s this blog about? Pugs!?

Yes, among other things. My love of pugs is widely known, but so is my love for food. And traveling. And reading. And music. Soooo…I guess this is a lifestyle/food blog? I don’t even know. Hopefully I’ll find a more concrete direction further along the way. 

And yes, while it would be nice to one day be internet famous, I mainly want to discover more about myself. Do I want to go into food media? Or is food just a passionate hobby of mine? I have been battling with the idea of going to culinary school and whatnot for the past few months. I read articles on successful people in the industry. I e-mailed people I admired. And finally, after collecting and contemplating over the helpful advice I was given, I decided it was time. Time to get my shit together and start figuring things out. 


Always, always, always reach out to people in the industry you admire! I sent out about ten e-mails asking for advice, not expecting any reply. A week later, I got a reply from the Amanda Hesser! Needless to say, I was completely starstruck. I just stared at the e-mail, dumbfounded. Never would I have expected a response from the CEO of food52.com and former food editor of The New York Times! I was SO. STARSTRUCK.

Her words of advice struck a chord deep within me and I resolved to further explore my love of food. Do I want work with food for the rest of my life? Know the difficulties of becoming a food writer, the struggle of working with food in a test kitchen everyday, and the overbearing pressure my parents put on me to capitalize on my Finance and Marketing major, the struggle is definitely very real.

Join me  and this little blog of mine as I stumble, trip, and go ever-forward in this crazy life of mine. (please!)


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